We are ships agents and logistics agents specialising in bulk shipping in the Southern African region. We have offices in all major South African ports and are well represented in Mozambique. You are invited to browse our pages for port information, news, terminal scheduling, bunker pricing and availability and other related marine news. Please contact us for any further information or assistance with your requirements.


Management Team

Formal group structuring is flexible and permits each management team to adapt readily to specific requirements of its country’s environment. This is one of our strengths; the ability to define and proactively structure our activities to client and customer needs.

Worldwide, the group has activities in all facets of the marine logistics sector.


LBH South Africa and LBH Mozambique were one of the first off-shore ventures of the LBH group and we are proud of our achievements over the years. Dedication and teamwork has built the company to its current level and we fully expect to increase our service levels to new heights. The addresses of our various offices can be found on the Branches page.


LBH South Africa and LBH Mozambique are ships agents and logistics agents with a difference. The companies are members of the LBH Group of companies and are thus associated with the other group companies throughout the world. Each company unit involves local shareholders, directors, management and staff, and is able to provide an extremely high level of local conditions knowledge and motivation.

LBH World App

The LBH World App contains many great features to make your connection with our company easy and enjoyable. This app is available for the iPad, iPhone and Android version.

The app has six main features:

Map: Indicating the LBH locations
Offices: Contact details of all LBH offices
Ports: A list of major ports serviced by LBH including local time, temperature and upcoming holiday at each port
Daily quotes: We share with you the quotes that inspire us to keep moving forward
Calendar: All upcoming holidays of the countries where we operate
Time: An overview of the local time at each location

Check out the screenshots to get a clearer view of the LBH World App.

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